iPhone 5: A stress-reliever!

It’s been awhile since i posted stuff. I had personal issues that i had to resolve. It’s a gloomy months for me – the loss of a love one and a struggle with my uncertain feelings toward a friend! These untoward events in my life are the things that would give you those familiar lines in your face. I could barely have decent sleep. My skin became dry, flaky and itchy-red! I had no intention of upgrading my iPhone 4s until I couldn’t bear it anymore – I bought the iPhone 5! Miraculously, my stress was relieved!


It is the lightness of iPhone 5 that is worth upgrading! Sounds ridiculous, right? But for me, it really is. Then if I could find another reason then it would be its support to ultra-fast network or LTE. Its bigger display isn’t that a big deal for me – but if only they gave it an extra mm for its width then it would be better – but they just made it longer – a stretched version of iPhone 4s – as i call it.

Another feature that made me happy is the new earpods. I’ve been waiting for this time when Apple would change the design of its earphone and now they did. The sound is crispier and the bass is just amazing! I love it! Apple has made a great leap for the design of the earpod.


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