Tests that made me reconsider iPhone 5

In my recent post, I found iPhone 5 not worth for upgrade if you’re coming from iPhone 4s. But I was surprised when I saw these videos testing iPhone 5’s durability from fall. Here take a look and you’ll be mesmerized. You’ll love iPhone 5 in an instant and perhaps you would have a change of heart as well.


iPhone 5: Do you have to Upgrade?

It’s less than a year when iPhone 4s was introduced and now in a few days, iPhone 5 will be unveiled. Do you have to upgrade or not. Honestly, Im quite disappointed with the new iPhone 5. It’s just like a stretched version of iPhone 4S! Yes, it’s LTE-capable and has much faster processor, etc. but the external design is almost the same as its predecessor. Since iPhone 5 is a major release, I just wish there’s a bit of a difference in it’s exterior design. When iPhone 4s is released, it’s almost the same as the iPhone 4 but it was ok. There are so much features bundled in iPhone 4s compared to iPhone 4.


I feel that iPhone 5 is not revolutionary. The band at the top and the bottom of the phone is not so appealing. There was one time when I’m inside the train, 4 people around me were using Samsung smartphones and from such distance I could really see and feel it’s a new product and it boasted with lots of features.

How I wish it’s easy for me to just change brand. Apple is great but how I wish when there’s a major release of their product they should give it significant revamp both in aesthetic and technical aspects.