New Header Image for my Blog

I was shocked by the number of views I had these past few days. Since I posted Bench Universe Denim and Underwear Show 2012, my views escalated from around 30 to 800! How crazy is that. Then I begin to wonder why? Is it our human nature to quest for youth and beauty, or we ¬†look for something that we don’t have. Or perhaps we just love seeing beautiful and sexy creatures? Well, I thought, if a lot of people would visit my site then I’d rather change it’s header image to a more sophisticated and catchy logo design. I’ve seen a lot of sites with their header image so simple. Little do they know that the home page is usually how the visitors judge their site – it’s usually the first impression.

I used Cinema 4D for the 3D logo design. Imported it in After Effects to color correct and add some flare. It’s like a make-over from this:

To the above header image.

Do you like it?