TV Show: Suits

Lately, I’m running out of TV show to watch. All my favorite TV series have ended and will come back mostly on October. So I’m testing other TV shows if some of them are worth watching. Sometimes I would ask my friends which TV shows are worth downloading. Recently, I happened to read one of the tweets of Paolo Paraiso @PaoloParaiso. He mentioned something about a TV show which he really likes – Suits. So, I downloaded 3 episodes and see for myself if I would be hooked, and boy, I did!



Starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, the show follows the life of a college dropout who became an associate in one of the finest Law firms in New York because of his natural intelligence and eidetic memory. The show is somehow cleverly written but I just don’t like the way a scene usually starts. Like the montages and how the camera pans – it’s so simple and I think the editor/director of the show should be more imaginative on this. Maybe beacuse I’m pretty much used of seeing the Vince Gilligan’s style in Breaking Bad. Or perhaps it’s because the show is about lawyers and stuff that’s why everything has to be straight forward and bland. Really?!


Sometimes they make fun too…

A friend of mine forwarded this youtube video. I thought it’s worth sharing. I like the idea that news anchors have their funny and comical side too.

Puerto Galera on FIRE!

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I thought of transferring my files to my new Macbook Pro Retina until I happened to dig some of my videos I recorded when I went for vacation at Puerto Galera. I found the fire dancers really cool and…hot maybe because of the fire?!

VMA Faces 2012

MTV’s 2012 Video Music Awards made a buzz from various names in the music scene despite its lower rating which is 6 million compared to previous year’s 12.4 million viewers. From One Directions performance to Rihanna’s infamous “I hate those A$$holes…” comment, still 2012 VMA is worth watching.

The previous look and feel of VMA 2011 is so much better than VMA 2012. It appears that the stage design of  VMA 2012 theme has the 80’s feel mixed with Tron’s futuristic style:

There’s no glam unlike the previous year’s look which is both fierce and elegant. Rihanna’s new do and dress would have complement even better with the previous year’s stage design:

I found the performance of One Direction real cute and hey, they won 3 awards – not bad for these young, budding and handsome talents to think that they’re from UK. Definitely, they’ve arrived!

But the “showstopper” was the infamous kiss from Rihanna and Chris Brown. Karrueche Tran, if they can do it infront of the camera, how much more…you know what I mean, girl!

No wonder why she mouthed and cussed at Drake when the latter received his award:

“I hate those A**holes!”

But I was wondering why Drake kept on looking above and I thought he would thank God  in his speech as he received his  award but he never did.

The last word of his speech…”…Bitch!”, which infuriated Rihanna:

But her BFF, Katy Perry, consoled her. If she couldn’t have Chris Brown that night, then she could give her shoulder to cry on and maybe…more!

And yes, Kevin Hart made a great job. He’s so much better than Russell Brand

The cutest performance of all

iPhone 5: Do you have to Upgrade?

It’s less than a year when iPhone 4s was introduced and now in a few days, iPhone 5 will be unveiled. Do you have to upgrade or not. Honestly, Im quite disappointed with the new iPhone 5. It’s just like a stretched version of iPhone 4S! Yes, it’s LTE-capable and has much faster processor, etc. but the external design is almost the same as its predecessor. Since iPhone 5 is a major release, I just wish there’s a bit of a difference in it’s exterior design. When iPhone 4s is released, it’s almost the same as the iPhone 4 but it was ok. There are so much features bundled in iPhone 4s compared to iPhone 4.


I feel that iPhone 5 is not revolutionary. The band at the top and the bottom of the phone is not so appealing. There was one time when I’m inside the train, 4 people around me were using Samsung smartphones and from such distance I could really see and feel it’s a new product and it boasted with lots of features.

How I wish it’s easy for me to just change brand. Apple is great but how I wish when there’s a major release of their product they should give it significant revamp both in aesthetic and technical aspects.

Let’s do 69!

I was browsing the web when I got to this link. It was so funny…and cute. These guys are making fun of themselves in a very sexy way..but not all of them. Some are just ok, some are funny, some are cool, some are trying hard to be cool and some are just born to be cool and be loved! To be cool is to be yourself and not to try too hard. Ok so let’s name a few:

Cool. He smiles and makes few glances. Robi Domingo is just easy in the eyes. You would like him with his boyish charm.

Dont know him. But he’s just ok. But he’s a li’l bit effeminate in the video.

I know he’s just being funny. Totally forgettable unless he would be like this forever.

Very charismatic. Stay being a model. He could have 15 minutes of fame in show business. But that’s just it.

Please don’t do it here! Have some privacy…

When I saw him lip-sync the song, it seemed so natural and the way he glided with the beat, it was just right. I wish he could really sing well and should have given more time like 5 secs. He might have some future in the music scene. Hey, I’m just kidding…

I wouldn’t have posted this image but the guy in the center just really freaked me out. He just tried so hard and it wasn’t cool at all! Please…

This guy have a brighter future as a porn actor.

This guy has too much air time already. He’s just ok. Alden Richards? Ah next…

I think this guy is so cool. He has the right moves and attitude.

Baron?! Why you’re here? You’re way cooler than this. You don’t have to prove anything. You have proven yourself a dozen times already! But not this.

And he’s the very last guy in the video. Paulo Avelino’s look in this video isn’t so flattering. He looks so ordinary.

I think among all the guys in the video, JM De Guzman stood up. His eyes talks to the camera and he has ways on how to lure the audience to just watch him. He’s not 6-foot with fair skin like most of the models in the video but you just can’t keep your eyes off him. Perhaps this is the reason why his soap is still on the air. He just has IT.

At last the new Apple Earphone…I wish!

One of the Apple products that I’m quite disappointed is its earphone. The rubber easily breaks up. Now they have redesigned it and it looks like it’s very durable.

“They have the appearance of a fully integrated, single unit – there’s no part that looks like it would come apart – not like earbuds; the integrated design is characteristic of Apple products.”

Well, it’s not official yet but I’m crossing my fingers. I have bought like 7 Apple earphones since I had my first iPod Nano.

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