iPhone 5: A stress-reliever!

It’s been awhile since i posted stuff. I had personal issues that i had to resolve. It’s a gloomy months for me – the loss of a love one and a struggle with my uncertain feelings toward a friend! These untoward events in my life are the things that would give you those familiar lines in your face. I could barely have decent sleep. My skin became dry, flaky and itchy-red! I had no intention of upgrading my iPhone 4s until I couldn’t bear it anymore – I bought the iPhone 5! Miraculously, my stress was relieved!


It is the lightness of iPhone 5 that is worth upgrading! Sounds ridiculous, right? But for me, it really is. Then if I could find another reason then it would be its support to ultra-fast network or LTE. Its bigger display isn’t that a big deal for me – but if only they gave it an extra mm for its width then it would be better – but they just made it longer – a stretched version of iPhone 4s – as i call it.

Another feature that made me happy is the new earpods. I’ve been waiting for this time when Apple would change the design of its earphone and now they did. The sound is crispier and the bass is just amazing! I love it! Apple has made a great leap for the design of the earpod.



Tests that made me reconsider iPhone 5

In my recent post, I found iPhone 5 not worth for upgrade if you’re coming from iPhone 4s. But I was surprised when I saw these videos testing iPhone 5’s durability from fall. Here take a look and you’ll be mesmerized. You’ll love iPhone 5 in an instant and perhaps you would have a change of heart as well.

iPhone 5: Do you have to Upgrade?

It’s less than a year when iPhone 4s was introduced and now in a few days, iPhone 5 will be unveiled. Do you have to upgrade or not. Honestly, Im quite disappointed with the new iPhone 5. It’s just like a stretched version of iPhone 4S! Yes, it’s LTE-capable and has much faster processor, etc. but the external design is almost the same as its predecessor. Since iPhone 5 is a major release, I just wish there’s a bit of a difference in it’s exterior design. When iPhone 4s is released, it’s almost the same as the iPhone 4 but it was ok. There are so much features bundled in iPhone 4s compared to iPhone 4.


I feel that iPhone 5 is not revolutionary. The band at the top and the bottom of the phone is not so appealing. There was one time when I’m inside the train, 4 people around me were using Samsung smartphones and from such distance I could really see and feel it’s a new product and it boasted with lots of features.

How I wish it’s easy for me to just change brand. Apple is great but how I wish when there’s a major release of their product they should give it significant revamp both in aesthetic and technical aspects.

At last the new Apple Earphone…I wish!

One of the Apple products that I’m quite disappointed is its earphone. The rubber easily breaks up. Now they have redesigned it and it looks like it’s very durable.

“They have the appearance of a fully integrated, single unit – there’s no part that looks like it would come apart – not like earbuds; the integrated design is characteristic of Apple products.”

Well, it’s not official yet but I’m crossing my fingers. I have bought like 7 Apple earphones since I had my first iPod Nano.

The New Beast – Macbook Pro Retina

I’ve been waiting for like two months to get my hands on the new Macbook Pro Retina. Yesterday, I bought my new baby. Oh yes, babies can be bought now! I chose the higher end model. This is the specs: 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache, 512 flash storage with 8Gig RAM.


This machine is pretty darn fast. When you turn it on, in just 5 secs it’s up already! There are no lag time in many instances. And hey, don’t get me wrong. You might say why not get a Macbook Air instead since it’s lighter and I just do blogging. No! Im a digital designer by profession and I just love blogging about celebrities (since I have so many dirty sources of news) and stuff or gadgets or just anything.


Im just happy I didn’t have (so far) any issues with it. In many forums, most macbook pro retina users have problems with the display (image retention), short battery life etc. So far, my beast is doing pretty good. The only issues I have right now are the softwares I usually use like Photoshop etc. the UI is still not optimize for retina. The palette labels or text are still kinda jagged. I hope few months from now Adobe would release an update for retina users.

The above image is their thickness comparison. Of course, rMBP is so much thinner and lighter than the previous mpb model. I remember when I bought my old mpb it’s almost the same price as the rMBP now! But that’s good thing about technology, it keeps on getting better and cheaper!

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