Jakey, why did you do it?!

I thought it was just me when I mentioned about Jake Cuenca’s misshapen butt. I’ve been searching everywhere and, fortunately, I happened to browse this site – this is the closest you can get, thanks rd!

Unlike his previous attempt to show off his butt which gave a rather spotty and blemished look, now it’s smoother but the shape of his butt cheek is…not really that pleasing. There’s something wrong with it. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as dimpled-butt cheeks which made it look like it’s distorted or something. But one thing for sure, it’s not such a pretty sight to look at!

ImageHere’s the video but this one seems too far from the subject which makes the look safer or better!

I think the reason why everyone would argue on his stint is he would usually walk so arrogant and daunting on the stage as if everything with him is perfect. And, oh, if you’re already Jake Cuenca then everything you do would matter. I still remember when Jakey is just a starter (or starlet) in this business and he didn’t take that much clothes off, he looked sexier and better. There’s something about not giving it all away. It would make him mysterious and made his audience ask for more. But now, it’s all there for  the whole world to see. Yet, everyone is not happy. But in all fairness to Jakey, I found this video and thought he looks leaner, toned and down there is covered!



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