Tests that made me reconsider iPhone 5

In my recent post, I found iPhone 5 not worth for upgrade if you’re coming from iPhone 4s. But I was surprised when I saw these videos testing iPhone 5’s durability from fall. Here take a look and you’ll be mesmerized. You’ll love iPhone 5 in an instant and perhaps you would have a change of heart as well.


New Header Image for my Blog

I was shocked by the number of views I had these past few days. Since I posted Bench Universe Denim and Underwear Show 2012, my views escalated from around 30 to 800! How crazy is that. Then I begin to wonder why? Is it our human nature to quest for youth and beauty, or we  look for something that we don’t have. Or perhaps we just love seeing beautiful and sexy creatures? Well, I thought, if a lot of people would visit my site then I’d rather change it’s header image to a more sophisticated and catchy logo design. I’ve seen a lot of sites with their header image so simple. Little do they know that the home page is usually how the visitors judge their site – it’s usually the first impression.

I used Cinema 4D for the 3D logo design. Imported it in After Effects to color correct and add some flare. It’s like a make-over from this:

To the above header image.

Do you like it?

Faces: Julia Montes is full before the show!

There is so much to see in the Bench Universe Denim and underwear show. Most of them are pretty sight to behold. Besides Jakey’s ass, there is one thing that stole my attention – it’s Julia Montes flabs, or maybe she just ate too much before the show.


Jakey, why did you do it?!

I thought it was just me when I mentioned about Jake Cuenca’s misshapen butt. I’ve been searching everywhere and, fortunately, I happened to browse this site – this is the closest you can get, thanks rd!

Unlike his previous attempt to show off his butt which gave a rather spotty and blemished look, now it’s smoother but the shape of his butt cheek is…not really that pleasing. There’s something wrong with it. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as dimpled-butt cheeks which made it look like it’s distorted or something. But one thing for sure, it’s not such a pretty sight to look at!

ImageHere’s the video but this one seems too far from the subject which makes the look safer or better!

I think the reason why everyone would argue on his stint is he would usually walk so arrogant and daunting on the stage as if everything with him is perfect. And, oh, if you’re already Jake Cuenca then everything you do would matter. I still remember when Jakey is just a starter (or starlet) in this business and he didn’t take that much clothes off, he looked sexier and better. There’s something about not giving it all away. It would make him mysterious and made his audience ask for more. But now, it’s all there for  the whole world to see. Yet, everyone is not happy. But in all fairness to Jakey, I found this video and thought he looks leaner, toned and down there is covered!


Faces: Another Enchong Classic

I found this YouTube video and I had a blast! Actors can really be so entertaining sometimes. Here are the snippets:

Morgan: HOw many GF’s have you had, Enchong?

Enchong: Ahh…(long pause). Shocks di ko mabilang! (smiles)

Morgan: Too many to mention? (laughs)

Morgan: Favorite Superhero?

Enchong: Storm! (Alam na…!)

Morgan: Who’s your favorite actor? (scrub at 4:08)

Enchong: (He shrieked when he saw co-actor at his back. Then, I thought don’t ever do that to him again…he forgets!)

Morgan: If you’re trapped in an island what’s the one thing you would need to have?

Enchong: (Long Pause…) ah…

Morgan: O cge, kung ayaw mo ng thing, person na lang…

Enchong: Puede yung thing n lang…

Morgan: Favorite fruit?

Enchong: Strawberry…(alam na!)

Well guys, it’s more than 8 minutes of all Enchong. I don’t wanna bore you…

Faces: Bench Universe Denim & Underwear Show 2012

One of the highly anticipated events of the year is the Bench Universe Denim & Underwear Show 2012. I haven’t seen it live (because I’m thousand miles away, if not, hundred miles) but I had the chance to browse the pictures and videos in the web. It was Jake Cuenca who got my attention. And yet again, he paraded his crotch and bulgeless crotch. The moment he took off his underwear to reveal a more skimpy undies. It wasn’t sexy. There’s something about it – it wasn’t eye candy.

Another first is when Aljur Abrenica showed off his underwear while Coco Martin, the Prince of Indie Films who became popular from doing bold and sexy films came up to the stage fully clothed!

But I thought there’s a Victoria’s Secret fashion model who got lost when I saw Enchong Dee. He knows how to work it!

There’s something about his smile….so sweet! Scrub until 0:30.

TV Show: Suits

Lately, I’m running out of TV show to watch. All my favorite TV series have ended and will come back mostly on October. So I’m testing other TV shows if some of them are worth watching. Sometimes I would ask my friends which TV shows are worth downloading. Recently, I happened to read one of the tweets of Paolo Paraiso @PaoloParaiso. He mentioned something about a TV show which he really likes – Suits. So, I downloaded 3 episodes and see for myself if I would be hooked, and boy, I did!



Starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams, the show follows the life of a college dropout who became an associate in one of the finest Law firms in New York because of his natural intelligence and eidetic memory. The show is somehow cleverly written but I just don’t like the way a scene usually starts. Like the montages and how the camera pans – it’s so simple and I think the editor/director of the show should be more imaginative on this. Maybe beacuse I’m pretty much used of seeing the Vince Gilligan’s style in Breaking Bad. Or perhaps it’s because the show is about lawyers and stuff that’s why everything has to be straight forward and bland. Really?!