Richard Poon – As One with Maricar Reyes

I never thought that Richard Poon is a straight male species…until I saw him in KrisTV saying that he and Maricar are a couple! Why the heck would I say that?! On well, he’s so prim and proper not to mention the eyebrow! So thin and well-made like he’s having eyebrow threading every week.



Tim Tebow – Not Your Typical Sportsman

There are a lot of athletes who become stars and overnight celebrities but very few have sense of responsibilities and could touch lives. Tim Tebow is a very rare example. He launched Tebow Foundation announced plans to build a children’s hospital in the fall of 2011 in the Philippines, the country where he was born. The Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City, on the island of Mindanao, will hold 30 beds and will specialize in orthopedics.


As I googled his name I was shocked by all the other stuff that is written about him. Yes, he is a big star now – one good reason is that his sexuality is being questioned. One of the many links that made me wonder too is this